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In mid November, published a three part series on the subject of pet travel crates (also available as a single PDF white paper). A few days after publication, I reached out to all those mentioned for their comments on the report as well as any thoughts they might have on the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) crash tests.

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The Silent Killer (recommendations)

This is part four of a multipart entry on the subject of Chronic Renal Failure in dogs and cats..

The previous three installments of this series have focused primarily on cats and dogs who have already developed chronic kidney disease (CKD). In this final part I would like to focus more on what pet parents can do to mitigate the onslaught of this disease.

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published on November 19 2015 Category: medical - Tags: crf, ckd, kidneys, protein, phosphorus, urine

Turkey Day and Pets

Thanksgiving day is nearly here in the US and we would like to pass on some information and tips to make sure you, your human family and your pet family all have a happy and safe day.

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Travel Crates - Recommendations and Final Thoughts

This is part three, the final part of a study that makes an extensive investigatoin of the safety of pet travel crates and 'crash testing'. Here I look at the CPS test reults, give my crate recommendations and conclude with a pointed critique of the CPS test process.. The entire study is available as a single white paper in our research section.

CPS 2015 Study Test Results

ProLine Milan

So lets look at what CPS found out in their testing of the ProLine Milan and MIM Variocage crates.

CPS tested a ProLine Milan model - there is no mention of sizing (S, M or L). The ProLine Condor I had selected is in the same product line as the Milan but is slightly taller and not quite as long.

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published on November 1 2015 Category: news

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