Disaster Preparedness Is For Pets Too!

meow! help!

Natural and other disasters can strike unexpectedly and it’s important to be prepared. Though many families have set up plans for emergencies, they can often forget to include the furriest family members: the pets. When emergencies do strike, pet parents can be left in a panic over what to prioritize for their pets or what to do if they become separated.

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published on May 14 2016 Category: medical - Tags: disaster, emergency, firstaid, kit

Stifle Joint Surgery

Part two of two. Part two discusses modern treatment options available to pet parents.

With the basic anatomical issues covered, it is time to explore what treatment/surgical options are available to pet parents to alleviate stifle joint problems.

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published on April 15 2016 Category: medical - Tags: stifle, ccl, tplo, tta, tr, tightrope, cook

Knee (stifle joint) Injuries

Part one of two. Part one discusses basic anatomy, part two covers modern treatment options available to pet parents.

The sports pages are littered with athletes who have suffered some type of knee injury and many of us know a friend or relative who has done so. Did you know that similar injuries can befall your cat or dog, even if they are not “athletes?”

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published on April 11 2016 Category: medical - Tags: knee, stifle, acl, mcl, tplo, tpa, tightrope, ecls

Pets Get Seasonal Allergies Too

Much of the US may see unusually warm weather next week, perhaps heralding an early spring. For many two legged creatures, this is a mixed blessing - warmer weather but terrible allergic reactions! And your dog and cat may feel the same way.

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published on March 5 2016 Category: medical - Tags: allergies, pollen, steroids, cyclosporine

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