White Papers

Blog posts are typically informal, relatively short and targeted. This section holds papers designed to provide pet owners a deeper understanding about a particular topic through a more formal, structured presentation.

Note: All papers are copyright ismypetsafe.com and may NOT be republished or otherwise redistributed without our prior written consent.


Finding a safe travel crate (pdf) A 27 page review. Includes selection criteria, review of crash testing results and critique of non-optimal procedures used by the Center for Pet Safety in a 2015 crash test study.

Revision History
[2015-11-5] Revised with additional photos of d-rings.[2015-11-7] Cover page added [2015-11-9] Revised to improve formatting and word flow; one typo; watermark.


The Silent Killer (pdf) - a seven page paper on chronic renal failure/chronic kidney disease (CRF/CKD) in pets.



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