Advertising Policy

The mission of this site is to provide pet parents with objective, fact-based, and sometimes science-based analysis of both marketing claims and common Internet-born myths and critiques related to products or services that either support or threaten pet safety.

As you can imagine, this thorough approach is very time-consuming, but we think one of the biggest threats to pet safety is the massive void of objective, detailed information pet parents need to make the proper decision necessary to protect pet health and safety.

We welcome anyone who wants to support this site and its mission - but our objectivity is paramount.

Any business that wishes to place an ad on this site must be able to demonstrate their product or service’s quality and safety to our satisfaction prior to acceptance. You must also acknowledge that the editorial content on this site is completely independent (that’s what objective means), and you should have no expectation that information posted here will be favorable to your products or services or prefer your products or services in comparison with competitor offerings.

We also reserve the right to cancel any advertising arrangement if a safety-related concern is discovered and we believe your product or service should no longer be offered to pet parents for safety reasons.

If all of this still sounds okay to you, please contact us at

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