On Sale But Is It Safe: Comfy Cone

All Four Paws Comfy Cone is on sale at PetSupermarket.com The large size, regularly $40.99, has sale price $26.99.

I'm sure many pet parents have had to deal with the dreaded plastic 'healing' cone. Is there any dog or cat that does not hate these faux Elizabethan contraptions? That is why the All Four Paws Comfy Cone caught my eye while shopping today (images available at Allfourpaws.com)


The Comfy Cone is a patented cone intended to restrict a pet's head movement during treatment or recovery from some medical conditions. My own personal experience points to contact with floors and sleeping to be the two biggest issues with plastic shell cones. However, the Comfy Cone is flexible so can bend and change shape to accommodate bumping into objects, wall and floors.

Thus, when a pet is walking with a Comfy Cone, there is no bouncing along the floor and eating and drinking is not burdensome either. If the pet parent is in attendance, the bottom (or top) of the cone can be folded back to make it even easier for the pet to go about life normally.

Hard cones can also make it uncomfortable for a pet to sleep, but the Comfy Cone collapses to provide a soft (but protected) cushion for the pet's head. Without doubt, your pet will appreciate this.

The outer surface of the cone is made of water-resistant nylon. The newest model has removable stays to adjust the stiffness and provide a more traditional cone shape (your vet would give guidance on what is most appropriate).

An interesting and useful feature of the cone is that it can be put on in the reverse direction, wide end towards the tail. Doing so allows the Comfy Cone to protect a pet after shoulder, neck or upper paw surgery. It can also work well for general skin irritations like hot spots.

I have two concerns with the Comfy Cone. Most pets do not like wearing a cone and many will try to remove it. Pet parents using a Comfy Cone should be aware of this and verify their pet does not attempt to rip or eat the material prior to leaving them unattended. Unlike a hard shell cone, the softer material of the Comfy Cone, along with its ability to collapse, may provide enough opportunity for the pet patient to sink their teeth in.

IMPS reached out twice to AllFourPaws.com, the makers of the Comfy Cone, seeking clarification about the materials used to make the cone as well as some questions about the design process. Unfortunately, AllFourPaws.com did not reply. As a result, I can't be encouraged that pet parents will get good support should they require it. For that reason, it may be best to check sizing and other features of the Comfy Cone at a retail outlet rather than making an online purchase.


Comfy Cone helps prevent most pets from harming themselves post surgery, a safety enhancer.

Material of Comfy Cone may be subject to destruction by very determined pets, post purchase support may be limited.

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