Pet Vaccinations

IMPS just read a very disturbing article about what may be a new trend in pet safety - the refusal of pet parents to vaccinate their pets. 

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published on August 2 2017 Category: medical

Tea Tree Oil v. Fleas

Many pet parents are more interested in 'natural' products than those that include long, complex chemical ingredient names. The wide spread perception of a natural product being safer can have serious safety consequences for pets. Here IMPS takes a look at one such product - natural tea tree oil - that is recommended as a flea treatment but that can harm your pet.

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published on June 26 2017 Category: medical - Tags: teatreeoil, fleas

Gabapentin: Does it work?

IMPS has noticed an uptick in articles about Gabapentin use by veterinarians.  Always the skeptic, IMPS wondered if the benefits of this drug have been over billed

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published on May 31 2017 Category: medical - Tags: gabapentin, neuropathic, epilepsy

Don't Do The Twist

Do you have a large dog? One with a relatively narrow waist and a deep chest? These dogs, and those with a narrow and deep chest in particular, are at risk of having a twisted stomach. This is a potentially life threatening condition and pet parents should know the syptoms and risk factors.

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published on May 19 2017 Category: medical - Tags: twisted, stomach, gvd, bloat

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