Gunner Kennel Video: Not All Its Cracked Up To Be?

Last week IMPS published a two part article concerning an advertising video created by Gunner Kennels.  Part 2 focused on the response to the video by other pet crate manufacturers.  At the time, MIM Safe had yet to make public two videos focused on rollovers, one involving a Gunner crate.  They are now public.

As noted in the earlier article, IMPS was able to view the footage prior to release and it formed the basis for some of our MIM Safe reporting. In the interim, MIM Safe was kind enough to provide IMPS with two still images extracted from the videos to use as place holders in our article.

The two videos are now in the public domain; IMPS was sent the YouTube links by MIM's north American distributor. For completeness, the original article will be updated to include the links but the embedded videos are included below as well.

IMPS believes the only change to the videos is the addition of captions and other titling. In fact, the captions follow much of what MIM Safe's Anders Flogård had discussed with IMPS.

The above video, beyond all the technical rollover related stuff, really puts the exclamation point on the IMPS warning to pet parents not to automatically believe marketing videos. Gunner Kennel desired consumers to have the impression that "testing" had shown their crate to be indestructible and therefore far safer in a rollover than any of their competitor's products. Clearly, that does not appear to be so.

The above video is of the MIM Safe Variocage. Again, the video reiterates earlier comments by IMPS that travel crates should only be used inside of a vehicle - the risks to a pet in a rollover are unacceptably high. Unfortunately, pickup trucks are one of the most popular vehicles and most do not even have a topper. Thankfully, much has been done to help mitigate pickup truck rollover risk, but it is still there and the chances of a pet crated in the bed surviving such an event remain low.

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