Kidney Disease in Pets

The white papers section has been updated with "The Silent Killer (pdf)." This cleanly formated, seven page report combines our earlier four part series on chronic renal failure, (CRF) also known as chronic kidney disease (CKD).

(All white papers are for personal use only.)

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published on February 6 2016 Tags: crf, diagnosis, kidneys, CKD

The Silent Killer (diagnosis)

Our prior post provided an introduction to Chronic Renal Failure (CRF or CKD) in dogs and cats and discussed some of the common symptoms. CRF is a silent killer of our beloved pets and often is not diagnosed until the disease has caused great damage to the kidneys. Today's post discusses the clinical diagnois of CRF. Though some technical terminology is used to provide accuracy and substance, the material does not require any specific knowledge to understand.

This is part two of a multipart entry on the subject of Chronic Renal Failure in dogs and cats.

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published on October 2 2015 Category: medical - Tags: crf, diagnosis, sdma

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