On Sale But Is It Safe: petholiday Holiday Cookies

Petsmart has a number of holiday themed items on sale this week.  One that caught IMPS eye is the petholiday "Holiday Cookies Drizzled Bone Dog Treat," on sale at $3.14 reduced from $4.99

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published on December 5 2016 Categories: food, general, news, sale - Tags: petsmart, treats

Is It Safe: Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes

While poking about this morning looking for a candidate product for the On Sale But Is It Safe? feature, IMPS stumbled upon Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes, also available as Bow-wow Bonito Though it is not on sale (but may be discounted at some e-tailers,) IMPS thought pet parents would find this an interesting product, especially after hearing our interview with the CEO/Owner of Cat-Man-Doo Inc.

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published on November 2 2016 Tags: cat-man-doo, bonito, japan - Categories: food, news

A Deceptive Cat Food Advertisment

Have you seen the new Iams cat food ad? You can watch it on youtube - the main point seems to be kitty has very sharp teeth and kitty should be out hunting for her food.

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published on December 24 2015 Category: food - Tags: kibble, protein, gluten, plants

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