Kidney Disease in Pets

The white papers section has been updated with "The Silent Killer (pdf)." This cleanly formated, seven page report combines our earlier four part series on chronic renal failure, (CRF) also known as chronic kidney disease (CKD).

(All white papers are for personal use only.)

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published on February 6 2016 Tags: crf, diagnosis, kidneys, CKD

Lost Pet Recovery by Microchip

Last week a friend's wife asked me about microchips and pets. Specifically, she wanted to know what happens if the pet parent moves, how would they find them? It is an interesting question and in verifying my answer, I learned a lot more about microchips and lost pets.

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published on January 29 2016 Category: medical - Tags: microchip, lost


The weather tv personalities have cranked up the hype machine this week about a possible big snow storm on the mid-Atlantic coast. This might be a good time to think about pet snow do's and dont's.

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published on January 21 2016 Categories: medical, news - Tags: snowstorm, ice, snow

Canine Influenza Virus H3N2 Vaccine

On 12/15/15, the NY Times ran an article about flu shots for dogs It is well worth the read and gives dog parents some good background on the latest H3N2 strain as does an earlier article on canine influenza by Steve Dale. Vaccines, however, have become a hot button issue in recent years so I felt I could help pet parets out by doing a little research on the subject.

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published on January 7 2016 Category: medical - Tags: flu, CIV, h3n8, h3n2, zoetis, usda, vaccination

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