On Sale But Is It Safe: United Airlines

Marketwatch.com had a short piece on pet travel by airline today, apparently prompted by the recent death of rabbit shipped from London to Chicago.  This prompted IMPS to ask, should pet parents send their pets on the "Friendly Skies?"

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published on April 26 2017 Categories: news, sale, travel - Tags: travel, airlines

IMPS Talks Dog Travel With Amy Goodman

As we enter the peak summer season, many pet parents are considering road trip getaways that also include the four legged family members. Ismypetsafe had the opportunity to speak about dogs, cars, and vacations with travel expert Amy E. Goodman to learn how pet parents can make these trips fun and safe for all.

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published on June 30 2016 Category: news - Tags: travel, vacation, goodman, cerenia

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