A Deceptive Cat Food Advertisment

Have you seen the new Iams cat food ad? You can watch it on youtube - the main point seems to be kitty has very sharp teeth and kitty should be out hunting for her food.

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published on December 24 2015 Category: food - Tags: kibble, protein, gluten, plants

What makes a crash test good?

A number of readers have asked what I would do differently from Center for Pet Safety's crash test. That is a fair question to ask given my critical evaluation of their methods.

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published on December 18 2015 Category: news - Tags: crashtest, crates, cps, safety, subaru

Deicing and Pets

December heralds winter weather for most of North America and that means snow and ice (recent heat waves not withstanding). As home owners, we are most often concerned with the quick removal of ice from walkways to avoid potential injury and liability. But what about our role as pet parents?

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published on December 16 2015 Category: medical - Tags: ice, deicer, winter, salt, burns, chloride, brine

Follow Up - How CPS and Subaru Failed Pet Parents (and hurt their own reputations)

This is the second part of the follow up to our travel crate white paper. We examine the response of Center for Pet Safety and Subaru of America.

The Testers

Center for Pet Safety (CPS)

Neither CPS nor any of its associates returned our messages. CPS operates a very prolific marketing campaign directed at print, radio and tv outlets to ‘advocate’ with their test results. Yet, they are completely silent when legitimate questions arise concerning their ‘research’ methods. It is highly unusual for real scientist researchers not to respond to criticism, either by issuing corrections or defending their results.

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published on December 10 2015 Category: news - Tags: subaru, cps, crates, crashtest, mga, safety, marketing, 501c3

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