On Sale But Is It Safe: United Airlines

Marketwatch.com had a short piece on pet travel by airline today, apparently prompted by the recent death of rabbit shipped from London to Chicago.  This prompted IMPS to ask, should pet parents send their pets on the "Friendly Skies?"

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published on April 26 2017 Categories: news, sale, travel - Tags: travel, airlines

On Easter, Is Your Cat Safe?

Holidays unfortunately can be very dangerous times for pets.  Often, dogs receive much of the focus on this issue as well, they can be goofy and chow down just about anything they find.  Cats, however, are generally more reserved (some might say refined) and edible dangerous to them are not as widely known.  IMPS brings your attention to Easter and the very real danger of lily plants to felines.

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published on April 13 2017 Category: medical - Tags: easter, lilies, cats, toxic

On Sale But Is It Safe: Petmate Compass Kennel

Petsmart has their Petmate Compass Dog Carrier on sale today with a discount of $10 to $15 and free ship on any order over $49.  Should pet parents take a pass on this item? (photo at link)

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published on March 27 2017 Category: sale - Tags: petsmart, petsafe, carrier, kennel

Sparkle Balls: A Dangerous Toy For Kitty?

Many pet parents who have cats feel they really don't need to worry much about the safety of the toys they bring home for kitty. As long as its not poisonous, no worries, right? Everybody knows its those goofy dogs that end up in the hospital from their toys!

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published on March 8 2017 Category: general - Tags: toys, sparkleballs

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